Life’s Hits and Misses

March 9, 2012

You know those times when something happens, and initially, it’s a good thing, but then later on, you frown and think, that no, it probably wasn’t such a good idea?

Take for example my two high school batchmates I happened to see today in university. They’re kind of popular since they’re one of the more famous fashionistas of the College of Liberal Arts. They have their own online clothing store, and they’re really nice and friendly. The makings of teenage elite, as far as Philippine college society would go.

Anyway, they walked past me a while ago, and as usual, their outfits were gorgeous. It wasn’t the usual get up you’d normally see on a college student. After all, majority of the population wear jeans and a shirt, but those two batch mates of mine? Oh no, they had to wear skirts and flowy blouses and other things that you could only see on the average Forever21 mannequin.

So, in regards to their outfit, it was a total hit, but then….

“I love your clothes!……. if only they weren’t so see-through that I could see your underwear.”

Perhaps in a club-like setting, I wouldn’t have minded, but given that we were in school, their outfits were dancing on the fringes of inappropriate. I honestly liked their outfit. I mean, I wish I had those items in my closet, but to wear those in school? I’ll pass, hun.

What are other hits and misses?

“Yes! I finished studying for exams…….. but now my bed’s all littered with papers I can’t even sleep in it.”

“Aaawww, your story was really touching. Thanks for sharing that with me……… now will you please move your head so I can see that guy behind you?”

“HAHAHAHA Awesome joke, bro!!!……………. so…. what was the professor talking about again?”

“I love Starbucks coffee………….. now I can’t sleep.”

“I can’t believe I’m flying out in six hours! Best vacation abroad ever!!…………. But I haven’t packed.”

“This burger is huge!………. Now how am I supposed to eat it?”

And perhaps my current situation:

“Oh cool, I made another post…………… Uhm, so I have readings I haven’t started on for the philosophy class I have in an hour.”


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