The perks of dating a professional wrestler

March 9, 2012

For my roomie.

  1. How could you go wrong with those biceps? And those abs? Did I already mention those shoulders and pecs?
  2. Pretty convincing acting skills. When he looks like that, you tend to just buy whatever it is he’s saying.
  3. He will be your constant workout buddy, if not trainer.
  4. He will help, no, force you to stay in shape.
  5. He’ll only show his sweet, vulnerable side when he’s with you. Of course, it’s another story when he enters the wrestling arena.
  6. Awesome angry sex.
  7. Are you still keeping up?
  8. Just don’t… strain yourselves too much on number 6. Careful, hun.
  9. You’re basically dating a celeb.
  10. You get all the perks of dating a celeb. You know what I mean.
  11. You won’t be afraid to get rough with him. What’s the worst you can do?
  12. True love. No matter who that person is or what that person does, you’re still with someone who loves you, and I think that’s the best perk.

2 Responses to “The perks of dating a professional wrestler”

  1. Bobby Says:

    I like this. Hihihihihiihihihihhihihi I hope it’s one of those times where your thoughts become real. Get the drift? :)))

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