The Sincere Apology: a template

March 9, 2012

Dear ______________,

I know things between us haven’t been okay lately, and I know why. I just wanted to say that I’m truly sorry for _________________________. I never meant to hurt you or anyone else. I didn’t mean to do it -or- I admit it was intentional, but it just seemed like the best thing to do/say/____ at that time. I do realize that what I did was still wrong, and I’m just filled with so much regret. I promise never to commit the same mistake again.

I’m sorry for being selfish/______. Our ___________ is really more important than this, and I hope we can stop fighting/ignoring each other/__________. I also hope that in time, you would find it in your heart to forgive me so that we can get past this. I’ve learned my lesson and I just really want to start over. What do you say?





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