Nothing really…

March 12, 2012

I started the night out being quite productive. I have my philosophy abstract to do, but I can’t bring myself to read stuff about it and think about a suitable argument for The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde. Hmmm……. right now my face just looks like this:


Half-finished my article with Arielle for TLS.

Caught up with charlieissocoollike on Youtube. Yay. He gave a tour of London in his latest video, basically. He visited 10 landmarks in under two hours, which is great fun. The buildings really remind me of those in New York, and Charlie said it himself. London kind of resembles the U.S. except everything is a bit smaller. He describes the Picadilly Circus as something like… “We tried to do Times Square, but in the middle of making it, we got bored and this is what we came up with.” Makes sense though.

London seems like a great place to visit. The architecture is beautiful and so are the streets. However, the weather is just terrible. People weren’t joking when they said London skies were gray. In Charlie’s video, the London skies were gray and rainy… not to mention windy. But, I suppose that coming from a country with bipolar weather, that kind of weather is manageable. The cold is another story though.

Now, on to museums. I need to visit one for my philosophy class. I’m kind of torn among The Yuchengco Museum in the RCBC Plaza, the National Museum of the Filipino People, and The Ayala Museum. All of them have great collections, and I’m most keen to see the pieces done by Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo. All three museums have pieces by those two artists, but only the National Museum and the Yuchengco Museum allow visitors to take pictures. So that narrows down my choices.

Given that I have to go to the museums on Tuesday, I’ll be out at 2.40. The Yuchengco Museum closes at 6 while the National Museum closes at 5. Either is good really. The time is manageable, but I might have trouble going to the National Museum. I don’t really know how to get there except by cab, because I wouldn’t want to risk riding the jeep on my first time going there. As for Yuchengco, I can ride a bus going there, but going home, I might have to take a cab.

Entrance fees: Yuch Php50. National Museum FREE. Winner? Maybe, but the actual getting there is a setback which means Yuch could be the overall winner.

I don’t know. I’ll decide later.

In other news: I’m downloading The Artist, which won a ton of awards at The Oscars this year, including Best Picture. 61.4% completed. My internet is downloading at near impossible speeds (at least for me) 130 kpbs? Damn, son!

So many art opportunities are presenting themselves to me right now. I have no money. I am literally a starving artist. Save meeeeee


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