I had Kimchi’s Beef Stew today.

March 21, 2012

So I just arrived home from shopping for some products with my Product Development group mates. We were hoping to turn parts of these products into our planned prototype. It was a short trip to the local semi-dilapidated  mall, but it was fun.

Yeah, this afternoon was fun.

Better start working though. If only my roomie would answer her phone…. 😐

Also, I had Kimchi’s Beef Stew. I suddenly remembered Sarah and Donna, my blockmates. We’d make special trips to this mall just so that we could eat this specific beef stew and get the chance to talk of course. I think we haven’t done that for over a year now. I kind of miss them. No. I do miss them.

But when I sat there at the table, I said nothing. Why is that? I just kept it all in my head. I guess saying it out loud won’t bring Sarah and Donna to me right then and there but…. still.


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