NOTSOGood morning.

April 23, 2012

April 22nd. 23rd actually, considering that it’s already 3:50, make that 4 in the morning. Why I insist on staying up late, I don’t exactly know why. Half of my body wants to collapse on the bed, the other one wants to stay on the couch, letting my mind drift to useless places. I have to go soon though. My mother’s going to be up in half an hour.

I’ve got errands in the morning. A pile of cash is beside me to pay off some bills and some people. Makes me wonder how I’m supposed to be awake to actually be decent enough to meet those people at the door.

Only a few days have gone by from the summer holidays, but it feels like it’s been forever. I’m not saying that I’m excited to go back to school or anything, but I constantly get that feeling that time is slowly slipping by. I’ve been blessed enough to get through this term… I won’t say unscathed, so let me just say, I’ve been blessed enough to get through this term, period. I at least want to enjoy and drink in every bit of my short month of freedom.

I’ve got plans. People coming over, things to do. Driving school is one thing, ha ha. I got of list of books I ought to read piled here on my coffee table, but I haven’t turned a page. Still stuck on the laptop, watching old movies because I can. Cinema has always been something I could indulge in apart from food. Cinema – it’s probably the closest form of artistic realism we could ever achieve because the human is part of the picture. There will always be a special place in my heart for film.

Don’t mind me. I’m just unloading my brain of thoughts before I tuck in to bed.

Maybe this is what’s getting me down. Sleeping in late every night, waking up at noon, having more than half of the day gone to actually do something productive, so I end up feeling that time is slipping away steadily. The first thing I got from that was the alliteration, yeah? Forgive me. My sense of humour involves sound devices in literature. I need some work on that.

Just finished watching Scarface, and I could understand why this would be a very defining piece of work for Al Pacino. The other night I watched A Dangerous Method and several nights ago, I rewatched The Hangover (yes, the first one) and Date Night just because I love Tina Fey. I haven’t been watching my TV shows lately nor have I opened a TV ever since I got here. Old films are great, but maybe I should be a bit more current? I’m planning on watching Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane next though. How current is that? Heading back to the 1940’s. Yay.

Just straight off the top of my head, the most current points of discussion in my life: One Direction, the NoKor missile failure and NoKor’s next missile attempt, China trying to own two groups of islands in Philippine territory, and the Philippine media saying that China is bullying it into giving them the land. Hmmm…

Goodnight. Maybe I should do some movie reviews soon? My tweets to Jane about The Adventures of Tintin, A Clockwork Orange, A Dangerous Method, My Week with Marilyn and my tweets to Ricco about Scarface could hardly suffice as reviews.

I also want to rewatch Midnight in Paris… maybe just so that I could feel like I was in love again. It’s the city and the story that manage to do that for me. Not Owen Wilson per se, but more of the characters his character Gil interacts with – Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, etc etc. I should stop before I start crying.

Great, my dad just walked in on me. He’s up, obviously, and I told him I couldn’t sleep.

Hate this insomnia whatever this is. Fck it.


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