March 29, 2013

Basically perfect and relevant… except I still don’t know how to play Flipcup.

Thought Catalog

1. How to play flipcup

2. How to break into an abandoned building

3. How to get down from a four-story building without a fire escape

4. How to bluff my way into bars without an ID

5. How to get the bartender to totally forget I have a cash tab

6. How to get other patrons to pick up my tab without at all infringing upon my own sexual integrity

7. That just because someone is way out of your league and — logically speaking — should never find you attractive, doesn’t mean they aren’t fair game. Everyone is fair game, if you know what you’re doing

8. Being yourself as hard as you can is the easiest way to make most people like you

9. Knowing your limits is not being a pussy

10. Obeying your limits does not necessarily make you smart

11. Just because you’re in…

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