The Compromise

November 21, 2013

Mon cherie,

I will always be me – unpredictable, boring, ugly, awesome, exciting, cool, witty, sarcastic, fun, funny/corny, and everything else that make up this five foot one dollop of girly evi- sweetness.

Sometimes, I will do things just because I can. Sometimes, I will have impulses. Sometimes, I will go through with them, most times, I don’t.

Just because I say something does not mean that I will go through with  it. Yes, it crossed my mind. Yes, maybe I would want to do it in the future, but it does not mean that I will.

I know that I maybe crazy, but you should always remember the dynamics of true friendship:

I will not promise that I won’t disappoint you, because somewhere along the line I know I might, but I trust that you’ll accept me for my mistakes, past, present, and future. I trust you enough not to walk away in the long run, and forgive me in some way, some how, maybe not right away, but eventually.

I trust you to do that, because I trust myself to do the same for you.

And although you know I have the tendency to do some undesirable things, trust in the fact that as much as I want to do those things for one reason or another, I will still prioritize our friendship over that. I will try my best not to disappoint you in any manner possible, because I care about you, and when you care about another person, their happiness becomes your own as well.

I hope that’s okay with you.



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